Pre-employment testing: A complete guide

Our comprehensive guide to pre-employment testing will tell you everything you need to know about testing and evaluating applicants.


Find out how to get skills-based hiring right with our ultimate guide to pre-employment assessments.We’ll look at the different types of pre-employment tests, the benefits of pre-employment screening for employers and candidates, and the best practices for using tests in recruitment.

What is pre-employment testing?

Pre-employment tests are a standardized and objective method of measuring skills and collecting data on candidates during the hiring process.

Professionally developed and validated pre-employment tests are a fast and reliable method of evaluating which candidates possess the abilities and character traits to excel in a specific job role.

Types of pre-employment tests

The number and types of pre-employment tests out there can seem overwhelming – but we’re going to give you a detailed breakdown of each test type, and how they can be used to find the best candidates.

Benefits of pre-employment testing

You may be wondering what the tangible benefits of using pre-employment screening tests are compared to other methods for recruiting, such as the resume.

We explore the many benefits for both employers and candidates in the relevant sections below.

Best practices for pre-employment testing

We’ve listed the most important pre-employment testing best practices here.

Discover how to get the most out of the tests and assessments that you choose to give to your candidates.

Return on investment in pre-employment testing

No-one intends to make a bad hire, but it happens – and it can cost a lot more than you may think.

Pre-employment testing can save you money, effort, and also reduce time-to-hire.

Use this section to explore how to maximize your return on investment with employee screening tests.