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Upskilling featured image

Upskilling: Leverage this retention strategy and develop your team

Upskilling employees is crucial for modern companies. One study found that 64% of L&D professionals agree that learning and development have shifted from “nice-to-have” to “need-to-have.”[1] Providing development opportunities to your people improves job satisfaction and increases retention – employees want career growth, and if they don’t get it, they’ll find someplace new. Two of the main factors that keep people in their roles are learning new skills and professional growth.[2] Upskilling als

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What these 5 US states can teach us about skills-based hiring

Skills-based hiring is the latest US hiring trend – and these 5 states are getting it right

States across the US are implementing a skills-based approach to hiring and rewriting the rules to traditional hiring practices.  Instead of evaluating candidates on their education and background, they’re going in search of diverse talent who have the skills needed for the job. This opens up opportunities to people who might miss out because they’ve been skilled through alternative routes (STARs) or don’t have a degree. However, not all states are created equal in their approaches to hiring and

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32 remote work best practices for a productive and thriving workforce

If hiring remote employees and working with a remote team is new to you, you must quickly adapt to the challenge to ensure business continuity and employee satisfaction. In this article, we will briefly discuss the challenges of remote work but go into detail regarding best practices for remote work that HR teams and employers can use to support their organizations.  After reading this guide, you will feel more confident managing remote work and ensuring every employee has what they need to succ

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get better hires with these problem solving interview questions featured image

Get better hires with these 10 problem-solving interview questions

Whether you’re hiring new employees for a small business or a large organization, problem-solving skills in the workplace are a must these days.  When it comes to finding the best candidates and hiring the right people, asking the right problem-solving interview questions can be a game-changer. You want to ensure you're hiring someone who can handle anything that comes their way and come up with creative solutions.  So, let's dive in and explore some of the best ways to identify those top-tier p

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problem solving skills in the workplace

Why are problem solving skills in the workplace so important? Subskills, benefits, scenarios

The importance of problem-solving skills in the workplace can’t be overstated. Every business and job role has its problems. From entry-level hires to senior staffers, every one of your employees will face challenges that don’t can’t be answered by doing a quick Google search – or asking ChatGPT to come up with solutions. That’s why employers must hire people with excellent problem-solving skills, especially for roles that require dealing with complex business challenges, tight deadlines, and ch

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SD Worx case study feature image

SD Worx reduces time-to-hire and improves candidate experience by using TestGorilla

See how end-to-end HR services provider SD Worx reduced their time-to-hire and improved candidate experience by switching to TestGorilla's talent assessment platform.

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What businesses can learn from skills based hiring trends in Asia Pacific

Is skills-based hiring the latest APAC hiring trend?

The global skills shortage is ongoing.  Many skilled workers are being turned away by employers because of a lack of formal education or experience on their resumes.  Many employers are not offering workers learning and development opportunities even though 45% of workers say they would stay at their company longer if it invested in their growth.[1] Skills-based hiring is a proven strategy to locate, retain, and develop skilled workers. In fact, our report, the State of Skills-Based Hiring 2023,

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7 immigration law updates your company can't afford to miss featured image

7 immigration law updates your company can't afford to miss

Hiring immigrants and foreign workers is a great way to tap into broader, more diverse talent pools. However, if you employ overseas workers, staying on top of immigration law updates is essential. Failing to comply with US immigration laws can land you in hot water, leading to hefty fines or even criminal prosecution.  Immigration laws and policies constantly change, and keeping track of your evolving obligations can feel overwhelming. You may even be reluctant to hire immigrants or foreign wor

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Setting boundaries at work: Build a healthier company culture featured image

Setting boundaries at work: Build a healthier company culture

Picture this scenario. You get home after working late. It’s dark outside. You skipped your workout because you’re tired from the day, and when you pick up your phone, you see a text from your boss that starts with “URGENT.”  You open your laptop and wonder how long you can last at this job.  Nobody wants to be that employee or that boss. But without boundaries at work, this situation can happen repeatedly.  As an individual, it means honing your time management skills and learning to say “no.”

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Career growth: Leverage this retention strategy and help your team achieve its goals featured image

Career growth: Leverage this retention strategy and help your team achieve its goals

Professional goals mean a lot to workers. They aren’t just a matter of compensation. They are about aspiring for something great and achieving it. Career growth is essential to your employees – 83% of employees say that improving their skills is a top priority, and 88% are putting a significant amount of time and effort towards it. A further 64% are likely to quit because of a lack of development opportunities.[1] This effort must be collaborative.  Employees want to put time and effort into gro

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What is involuntary turnover and how to prevent it featured image

What is involuntary turnover and how to prevent it

Managing a spike in involuntary turnover is not easy.  Whether it’s a round of layoffs or a spate of performance-related involuntary separations, this type of turnover causes stress for your employees and costs you time and money in hiring and productivity loss. Strong leadership and people management skills are necessary to right the ship, but you also need to understand the causes of involuntary turnover to act accordingly. In this blog, we cover how to calculate involuntary turnover, the reas

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Generational diversity featured image

Generational diversity: Leverage this retention strategy and build an inclusive workforce

Business metrics often overlook age-related diversity. Generational diversity, which refers to workers of all ages being involved in today’s workforce, combats age discrimination and is good for your organization. One study found that 86% of workers prefer working on a multigenerational team, and 86% also said multigenerational teams enable them to develop innovative ideas and products.[1] Having multiple generations in your workforce makes your company more diverse, inclusive, and attractive, m

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