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get better hires with these problem solving interview questions featured image

Get better hires with these 10 problem-solving interview questions

Whether you’re hiring new employees for a small business or a large organization, problem-solving skills in the workplace are a must these days.  When it comes to finding the best candidates and hiring the right people, asking the right problem-solving interview questions can be a game-changer. You want to ensure you're hiring someone who can handle anything that comes their way and come up with creative solutions.  So, let's dive in and explore some of the best ways to identify those top-tier p

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problem solving skills in the workplace

Why are problem solving skills in the workplace so important? Subskills, benefits, scenarios

The importance of problem-solving skills in the workplace can’t be overstated. Every business and job role has its problems. From entry-level hires to senior staffers, every one of your employees will face challenges that don’t can’t be answered by doing a quick Google search – or asking ChatGPT to come up with solutions. That’s why employers must hire people with excellent problem-solving skills, especially for roles that require dealing with complex business challenges, tight deadlines, and ch

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Generational diversity featured image

Generational diversity: Leverage this retention strategy and build an inclusive workforce

Business metrics often overlook age-related diversity. Generational diversity, which refers to workers of all ages being involved in today’s workforce, combats age discrimination and is good for your organization. One study found that 86% of workers prefer working on a multigenerational team, and 86% also said multigenerational teams enable them to develop innovative ideas and products.[1] Having multiple generations in your workforce makes your company more diverse, inclusive, and attractive, m

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Sourcing tools for recruiting featured image

Top 8 sourcing tools any recruiter should know about

It’s no secret that recruitment is as difficult as it is important.  With various studies highlighting the real cost of a bad hire, it’s critical that you get it right, not just for your performance as a recruiter but for the success of your entire company. Metaphorically speaking, you need to dig your well before you're thirsty, or build a pool of talented candidates before you need them. How do you do that, though?  With the best sourcing tools for recruiting that you can find on the market. T

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What is involuntary turnover and how to prevent it featured image

What is involuntary turnover and how to prevent it

Managing a spike in involuntary turnover is not easy.  Whether it’s a round of layoffs or a spate of performance-related involuntary separations, this type of turnover causes stress for your employees and costs you time and money in hiring and productivity loss. Strong leadership and people management skills are necessary to right the ship, but you also need to understand the causes of involuntary turnover to act accordingly. In this blog, we cover how to calculate involuntary turnover, the reas

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Career growth: Leverage this retention strategy and help your team achieve its goals featured image

Career growth: Leverage this retention strategy and help your team achieve its goals

Professional goals mean a lot to workers. They aren’t just a matter of compensation. They are about aspiring for something great and achieving it. Career growth is essential to your employees – 83% of employees say that improving their skills is a top priority, and 88% are putting a significant amount of time and effort towards it. A further 64% are likely to quit because of a lack of development opportunities.[1] This effort must be collaborative.  Employees want to put time and effort into gro

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What is voluntary turnover and how to prevent it featured image

What is voluntary turnover and how to prevent it

An employee choosing to leave your organization can be a bit like being dumped. Sometimes you see it coming and even consider it a mutual decision; other times, it’s painful and hard to recover from. Reducing voluntary turnover and especially minimizing the latter scenario is one of the most important HR management skills. That’s why in this blog, we show you how to reduce voluntary turnover in your business, equipping you with 35 employee retention strategies, trends, and tips to tackle it. We

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HR technology shaping the present and future of hr functions featured image

HR technology: Shaping the present and future of HR functions

Managing technology is becoming a fundamental HR skill. Already, more than eight out of ten HR leaders use artificial intelligence (AI) to boost efficiency in their organizations.[1] But with so many types of HR technology out there, how do you know what’s relevant to your organization and how to use it to meet your top objectives?  This article discusses different HR technologies and their uses to help you discover the best HR technology for your business. We also cover the current HR technolog

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Are job assessments a waste of time do they really work featured image

Are job assessments a waste of time – or do they really work?

Picture a recruiter’s nightmare. Your team is trying to fill three different vacancies, and you’re snowed under with resumes. You’re trying to pick out a shortlist from a pile of “detail-oriented” and “motivated” candidates, but all it’s doing is giving you a stress headache. Meanwhile, an ex-colleague on LinkedIn is glowing like they’ve just stepped off a plane from Aruba. They’re trying to fill five vacancies, but they’re not worried – they’re using psychometric testing to screen candidates. N

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Labour and employment laws in the US guide for hiring managers featured image

Labor and employment laws in the US: A guide for hiring managers

Labor and employment laws in the US span a broad range of topics, from anti-discrimination to contract laws. Understanding your legal obligations can be difficult and time-consuming – especially since federal, state, and local laws sometimes conflict and are regularly updated.  What’s worse: the costs of noncompliance can be high. They can result in lengthy investigations by government departments, civil penalties like fines, employee lawsuits, and even criminal charges. That’s why we’ve prepare

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HR Analytics featured image

HR analytics: Leverage this retention strategy and make informed decisions

One of the biggest issues facing HR professionals is acquiring data they can use to make informed decisions when hiring, onboarding, and retaining employees.  Data from SHRM shows it costs an average of nearly $4,700 to hire a new employee.[1] This number includes recruitment, pre-employment testing, onboarding, training, human error, lost knowledge, and a drop in morale.  If you’re going to spend this much money hiring an employee, it’s important that you do your part to retain them.  HR analyt

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Remote HR: How to build a remote HR career and work from home in HR featured image

Remote HR: How to build a remote HR career and work from home in HR

Remote work is the new normal for many companies and employees, and more than a few aren’t planning to go back to a traditional office environment.  However, if you work in human resources, you may be wondering whether you can still work as a remote employee and enjoy the flexibility of working from home without changing fields.  Are there any remote HR jobs out there? Can you leverage your skills in remote recruitment to actually find a remote HR position for yourself? And which are the compani

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